Hearing aid FAQ's

1. How much do hearing aids cost?

Our hearing aids start from just `6,000.00 per aid, with over 200 different hearing aids in the range. The right hearing aid for you will depend on a number of factors, most importantly your level of hearing loss. To find out about a range of hearing aids that could suit you, book an appointment at Listen and Speak Clinic, call +91 9130528978.

2. What does a hearing aid do?

Very simply put, a hearing aid amplifies sound to help people with hearing loss hear the sounds around them. Today's hearing aids are sophisticated devices that can amplify and clarify sounds you want to hear, like speech, without amplifying the background noise. Digital hearing aids can also be programmed to suit your individual hearing loss and listening situations to offer the best support.

3. Do I need a hearing aid for both ears?

That really depends on your hearing loss. If you have a hearing loss in both ears then it makes sense to wear a hearing aid that treats each ear. A hearing test at Listen and Speak will help you discover if you have a hearing loss, and if so, if it's present in one or both ears.

4. How long do hearing aids last?

How long your hearing aid will last depends on a number of factors; including the style of hearing aid you choose and how well you care for it (regular cleaning of your hearing aid and attending regular hearing aid checkups can help keep it working better for longer). For your peace of mind, all the hearing aids at Listen and Speak come with a 2 year guarantee.

5. How do I know which type of hearing aid is best for me?

If following your hearing test we find you would benefit from a hearing aid, your audiologist will discuss a range of hearing aids and their features that could help your specific hearing loss. You also need to consider the size and style of hearing aid that you are looking for.

Hearing Aid Myths

MYTH: Hearing loss affects only old people and is a sign of aging.
FACT: Over 60% of people with hearing loss are under age 65 years!  There are over ten million people between the ages of 18 and 49 years of age with hearing loss, and over a million school-age children have hearing loss.

MYTH: If I had a hearing loss, my doctor would have told me.
FACT: Very few physicians electronically measure your hearing. As a result, it is virtually impossible for most doctors to recognize your hearing loss. Old-time tests such as the watch-tick test or whisper test are not accurate indicators of the presence or absence of hearing loss.

MYTH: Hearing aids do not work.
FACT: Treatment is now possible for hearing losses which may have been difficult to treat just a few years ago. Hearing aid technology, testing techniques and diagnosis have been dramatically improved. Modern hearing aids can help 95% of persons with hearing loss, and the overwhelming majority of those who have chosen hearing aids are satisfied with their decision.