Ms. Natasha

Ms. Natasha is a Speech Language Pathologist & Audiologist responsible for assessment/evaluation and rehabilitation of children and adults with speech & language and hearing difficulties.

She is proficient in diagnostic evaluation of hearing disorders using a variety of test batteries including electrophysiological as well as behavioral tests (for all ages, from newly born to geriatric).

From past experience of work in the Hearing Aid market, she has exceptional knowledge of hearing instruments and technologies.
She has a special interest in Linguistics (study of language), voice and its disorders, fluency problems (stammering) and rehabilitation of children and adults with hearing impairment.

She also takes a keen interest in parent child interaction and development of language in children.
As a part of community awareness activities, in association with Club Mahindra, she gave lectures at events organized by local residential societies, local schools as well as MNC's such as Mind Tree. The subjects undertaken were What language should I speak to my child? and Parent child interaction – to improve speech language.

Mr. Abhishek Mohan

Abhishek Mohan is a Pune based Speech-Language Therapist and Audiologist with 10 years experience working withchildren and adults with special needs. He works with children from birth until they start school and has also spent years working with students in the school sector. He's also got a wealth of professional development under his belt. He's spent 1.5 years as a Speech therapist & Audiologist at Armed Forces Medical College Pune and Bionic Ear Research Centre.
Abhishek has enjoyed watching his clients progress, thanks to the powerful combination of therapy and natural developmental growth. "Sometimes, you are literally bolting your therapy onto that process and riding a wave of development." He says his ultimate goal is to help a child learn to use speech and language to express their needs, wants and ideas, form friendships and gain independence. He works hard to integrate speech and language learning into a child's play and believes everyday life is a great context for learning.
Abhishek works with mums, dads, siblings, and early childhood education centre staff. He may also work with a range of other professionals from Special Education early intervention teams, to paediatricians and ENTs.

Abhishek is open to what his future holds, saying he's keen to keep building on the knowledge and experience he’s gained so far. A good therapeutic relationship inspires a child to engage with therapy and take the steps to be a more competent and confident communicator, he says.